Why Choose Long Bay Arts Camp?

“Since arts camp experiences offer other modes and ways of  learning, children will have opportunities to think and feel as they explore, problem solve, express, interpret, and evaluate the process and the results. To watch a child completely engaged in an arts experience is to recognize that the brain is on, driven by the aesthetic and emotional imperative to make meaning, to say something, to represent what  matters.”
(The Arts Go to School, David Booth and Masayuki Hachiya, eds.)


Our Philosophy

To enrich the lives of young people of all backgrounds by providing quality artistic education and an experience of outdoor adventure within a safe, caring and cooperative natural environment.

Our Goals

  • To promote a healthy lifestyle by providing stimulating activities, a balance between exercise and rest, and good nutrition
  • To provide a well-cared-for natural environment where activities naturally encourage a better understanding of responsibility for the natural environment
  • To provide progression in activities and expert instruction to assist campers in gaining specific knowledge and techniques
  • To create a nurturing atmosphere in which campers of all ages and abilities feel comfortable exploring their creativity
  • To instil a sense of pride in one’s own creativity and a respect for the creativity in others


Freindships at Long Bay Arts Camp

Nature at Long Bay Arts Camp











Check out a typical day at Long Bay Summer Arts Camp!

Long Bay Arts Camp is for children (boys and girls) aged 9 – 16.


Summer Arts Camp 2017

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