Drama Camp

All the World’s a Stage at Long Bay’s Drama Camp

Dive into the wonderful world of theatre and drama! Long Bay Camp’s drama camp program is open to campers with all levels of experience. Our professional and enthusiastic instructors teach campers acting and improvisation techniques. Rehearsals and performances are held in our unique, rustic barn which houses our stage and studio space.


Long Bay Drama CampDrama Camp at Long Bay CampDrama Camp – Don’t Mime If I Do! 

Instructor: Katie Bunting

Dates Available: Session B – July 9 – July 15, 2017

Action! Adventure! Drama! Welcome to the wonderful world of mime – the theatrical technique of suggesting action, character, and emotion using only gesture, expression, and movement!  Campers will experience an action-packed and fun-filled week practicing all of the classic mime techniques, along with exciting fight choreography, culminating in the creation of a mime performance that would make Mr. Bean proud!



Long Bay's Drama CampLong Bay Drama Camp - Arts By The LakeDrama Camp –  We’re On The Air!

Instructor: Katie Bunting

Dates Available: Session C – July 16 July 22, 2017

Ever wonder how people kept entertained before Netflix, movies and television?  It was with RADIO!  From the 1920’s to the 1940’s, radio was the dominant form of entertainment and families would gather around the radio in the evening to listen to their favourite radio dramas.  For the first time ever in Long Bay history, campers will re-create a live recording of a radio drama set in the 1920’s!  So grab your favourite flapper and mobster outfits, warm up your vocal chords and be ready to do some live sound effects, because Long Bay is going “On The Air!”


Long Bay Drama Camp - Arts By The LakeLong Bay Drama Camp






Long Bay's Drama Camp

Dance CampMusical Theatre – A Showtunes Fiesta! (FULL)Musical Theatre at Long Bay Dance Camp

Instructor: Annie Crowley

Dates Available: Session A – July 2 – July 8, 2017

If showtunes are your thing, then this major is for you! From classic to contemporary Broadway repertoire, campers will explore tools and techniques of “acting the song.” Culminating in a rousing performance of this summer’s selection of pieces, this workshop’s emphasis will be placed on character, musicality, and understanding of a musical theatre song’s “given circumstances.” With opportunities for both full group and solo/duo performance, the young performers in this major will enjoy an exciting week of ensemble singing while honing their skills in vocal technique, interpretation, collaboration, and storytelling. (We may just throw in a bit of tap dancing too…)
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Summer Arts and Drama Camp 2017

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