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Come Dance at Long Bay’s Summer Dance CampDance Camp

Join the campers that love to dance! Be active! Long Bay’s exciting dance camp program offers a variety of choreographed dance types including cultural and urban styles. Campers will learn new moves, build self-esteem and have fun, fun, fun! Dance workshops are for any level of experience.


Dance Camp Long Bay Camp - Arts By The Lake

Dance Camp - Arts By The LakeDance Camp – Urban Trail Mix! 

Instructor: Edmund Gyamfi a.k.a Edz

Dates Available: Session A – July 2 – July 8, 2017

What is Urban Trail Mix you ask??? Well, it is Edz’s way of giving campers a morning boost of an awesome high energy treat! Only this kind of trail mix comes in the form of dance, and the coolest kind.  The Urban Trail Mix program is a mash-up of Urban dance styles like Hip Hop, Afro-Fusion, Dancehall infused together to create unique movements that will knock your socks off. Bring your enthusiasm and go nuts! 



Dance Camp at Long Bay Camp

Long Bay Camp DanceDance Camp – Jazz-Razzmatazz!

Instructor: Cortney Odelein

Dates Available: Session B – July 9 – July 15, 2017

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to dance beside your favourite artist in one of their music videos? Well now you can in this energizing jazz funk class! Jazz funk is the popular style of dance you often see in music videos and all types awards shows. Start your morning right with a jazz dance style warm up to get those muscles stretched and ready to go, then some fun hip hop grooves to add some flavour and put it all together for a jazz funk combination. Get ready to dance and groove to your favourite artists during this fun-filled dance week!


Dance CampDance CampDance Camp – Pop ‘Til You Drop

Instructor: Simon Beckett

Dates Available: Session C – July 16 – July 22, 2017

Ever wanted to be able to move like a robot? Isolate your body in ways no one else can? Learn how to do an arm wave? Popping is a funk style of dance which originated in California. This week of exciting summer dance camp  offers a variety of choreographed and freestyle dance types including popping and locking styles. Campers will learn new moves, build self-esteem, have mini dance battles and best of all,  have fun, fun, fun! Dance workshops are for any level of experience. Come join the campers who love to dance! Be active!



Dance Camp

Dance Camp






Dance CampMusical Theatre – A Showtunes Fiesta! (FULL)Musical Theatre at Long Bay Dance Camp

Instructor: Annie Crowley

Dates Available: Session A – July 2 – July 8, 2017

If showtunes are your thing, then this major is for you! From classic to contemporary Broadway repertoire, campers will explore tools and techniques of “acting the song.” Culminating in a rousing performance of this summer’s selection of pieces, this workshop’s emphasis will be placed on character, musicality, and understanding of a musical theatre song’s “given circumstances.” With opportunities for both full group and solo/duo performance, the young performers in this major will enjoy an exciting week of ensemble singing while honing their skills in vocal technique, interpretation, collaboration, and storytelling. (We may just throw in a bit of tap dancing too…)
Join us and raise your voice!


Summer Dance Camp 


Dance Camp
Dance Camp



Summer Dance Camp 2017

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