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Capturing the World at Long Bay’s Art Summer Camp

Long Bay’s visual arts program is a diverse and creative journey. Each session offers campers guidance and creative freedom to express their artistic dreams. Our visual art summer camp may include mixed mediums, painting, drawing, cartooning, photography, screen printing, film making and much, much more.


Art Summer CampArt Summer CampArt – If You Build It, They Will Come!Art Summer Camp

Instructor: Derek Bartram

Dates Available: Session A – July 2 – July 8, 2017

Ever want to build or fix things for yourself? This awesome workshop will introduce campers to the basics of building! During this exciting week campers will learn how to safely manage hand tools and some power tools, to shape wood and build projects that are both creative and useful. Not only will campers work on a project or their own, but they will also experience working with a crew. This builders workshop will challenge the creative side and learn valuable skills they get to keep forever! A Handyman’s special!


Art Summer CampArt – Comic Strip Ka-Pow! Arts Summer Camp - Arts By The Lake

Instructor: Izzy Jefferson

Dates Available:  Session A – July 2 – July 8, 2017

Let your imaginations run wild during this classic week of cartoon heaven! Campers will look at developing their own original characters, environments, and narratives, as well as learning from some classic examples of each. By the end of the week, campers will be able to create a short comic or picture book, entirely of their own creativity. What better way to tell your stories than through a fun and entertaining comic strip. Cowabunga, Dude!

Long Bay Arts Summer CampArt Summer Camp

Art – 3D Inspires Me! (FULL)

Instructor: Jimmy Baptiste

Dates Available: Session B – July 9 July 15, 2017

Take a journey into the world of Urban street art! During this popular and creative workshop, Campers will use a variety of recycled materials to create architectural letters inspired by typography and graffiti styles. The surface will be decorated with descriptive words, images and designs  meaningful and unique to the artists’ identity. This is creativity at its best!



Art Summer CampArt Summer CampArt – I Screen, You Screen! 

Instructor: Gabe Thirwall

Dates Available: Session C – July 16 – July 22, 2017

One of Long Bay’s favourite workshops! Campers are indulged in the magical and expressive art of screen printing! Screen printing, (or Silkscreening) is a specialized technique of transferring created images onto a whole range of surfaces. It is great for making t-shirts, posters, cards and much more! Campers will learn how to design images for print and the different ways to reproduce those images. Campers will also explore printing using block prints and sun print techniques. Drawing, designing, printing and transferring of designs are all part of this week-long journey.


Long Bay Camp Art Summer CampLong Bay Camp Art Summer CampPhotography – Wilderness Stills And Thrills! 

Instructor: TBA

Dates Available: Session C – July 16 – July 22, 2017

It has long been said that “Art imitates Life imitates Art”. For those who love both photography and the great outdoors, this program is for you! Camper will enjoy a different perspective as they get close up and personal integrating important photography skills with their beautiful natural surroundings. This program will take art to the far reaches of the camp grounds and help develop artistic skills in the wilderness in the era of technology. Campers, don’t forget to pack your cameras!

Art Summer Camp


Art Summer Camp 2017

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