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Camp Staff Love

At Camp, we regularly hear comments from our camp staff about how much they love being at Long Bay Camp. We asked them why they enjoy working at Long Bay so much and why have they come back. Here’s what some of them had to say…..

Long Bay Camp Staff“Camp is a magical place! For me, LBC has brought me so many wonderful experiences with art and people, that I applied as soon as I was able so that I could help make it even better for everyone!”

“Our camp is like a wonderful little world away from the ‘real world’, where for a few weeks of the year the most important thing is to make sure you and everyone around you has as much fun as possible. It’s a place to leave the bustle of normal life behind, and focus on the amazing people around you (both camp staff and campers alike). I reapplied because of how rewarding it was last year to connect and make a difference with the campers, and I want to continue to be a positive role model to them.”

Long Bay Camp Staff“Long Bay Camp is such a great camp due to its friendly, welcoming environment, talented teachers, fabulous campers as well as other staff members, and of course, the amazing food carefully planned prepared every day by kitchen staff! I re-applied because with just one year at camp, it has already become an important part of my life that has helped me out in more ways than one and I absolutely couldn’t miss out this year!”

“What makes Long Bay Camp so amazing is its variety and its people. I believe Long Bay offers such amazing experiences for kids, many things that most have never tried! I discovered new hobbies, and what interests me through Long Bay. Also, the counsellor’s and staff in general make Long Bay complete. It just feels like a great big family where everyone is welcome and bubbly. The reason why I came back to work at LBC is because it has brought me so many memories. The best memories! I definitely couldn’t let that go, since camp is such a relaxed, fun, active environment. I will also NEVER forget how tasty LBC food is. Yum!!”

Long Bay Camp Staff“What I find one of the best things about Long Bay is the people. I am always eager to come back because this camp builds an amazing, close community each summer, where everyone can express themselves and foster their creativity and passions.”

“What I love about Long Bay Camp: The People. These people all have amazing resumes and are real “doing it” artists. As such they tend to take it … Personally; The campers have to have an amazing time. They have to go away with actual experiences. Have. To.
The flip side is, and I can say this, it is a privilege to work with all of them. Can’t wait to see what happens this summer.”

Long Bay Camp Staff“I love teaching at Long Bay because of the people.  The kids, the staff and the teachers are so supportive of one another.  As teachers, we’re all there because we love the arts, and it’s an incredible opportunity for us to teach what we’re most passionate about.  I learn so much from my students every summer and leave camp refreshed and inspired every year.  It’s a working holiday for me, a chance to slow down and be inspired by the beautiful surroundings, the healthy and delicious food, and the campers’ enthusiasm.  It’s one of my favourite parts of the summer!”

Long Bay Camp Staff“Long Bay is like a 2nd home for me in which I can share and create something artistic with the Campers! I Love it!”

“Long Bay is a special place where like-minded, artistic campers gather to nurture, share and expand their various talents. With the beautiful lake as a backdrop, Long Bay is truly a place of acceptance and joy.” 

These heart-warming comments are only a few of a long list of why our staff love working at camp so much. Now, can you imagine how much fun it would be to learn from this group of wonderfully enthusiastic humans? Luckiest campers ever, I’d say!

We love our camp staff !

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