Waking Up At Camp

Long Bay Camp MorningLong Bay Camp Morning

Imagine. You see the sun shining through the curtain in your cabin that has the most colourful daisy painted on it. You hear your counsellors quietly rustling in their bedroom trying to pick the perfect song to wake everyone up. You can’t help but smile so wide because you know they’re about to barge in with the friendliest good mornings and start another Long Bay Camp morning.

“GET YOUR SWIMSUITS ON LADIES IT’S POLAR DIP TIME!” your counsellors tell you over that one Spice Girls song they always pick.

Long Bay Camp MorningYou are determined to get that polar bear bead this year so you march out to the deck and grab your swimsuit as fast as you can and give your counsellor a high five on the way by! You can already smell the pancakes cooking from the kitchen and you day dream a little about the real maple syrup……. FOCUS! Get your towel and join your cabin mates on the deck where they’re doing the camp dance just for fun! And we’re off! Deep in the heart of the Long Bay jungle, you can hear the girls rumble, “OU! AH! OU! AH!” You chant all the way down to the dock, especially loud as you go by the boys cabins.

Long Bay Camp MorningImagine! All this before our day at camp even starts. I know there’s so much more fun to come today. My major! My friends helping me jump extra high during Kitos! I wonder what the afternoon electives will be! And what awesome evening program the counsellors will have planned for tonight! And I heard its twin-din tonight! Oh, and maybe I’ll singLong Bay Camp Morning my song I wrote during camp fire tonight! I can’t wait! And I’d better start thinking about what my rose will be tonight during rose, bud and thorn because I know I will have a lot to choose from! And then I get to do it all again tomorrow!

Imagine! These are the thoughts that go through my head all day at Long Bay Camp. Except, I’m an adult, and I work at camp. And the counsellors I talk about are my coworkers.

Just imagine! I have the best job in the world!

– Soaps

Long Bay Camp morning

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