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Make A Difference at Long Bay CampHere at Long Bay Camp, we believe that children can change the world and make a difference ; we just have to give them the opportunity. During Session B this summer, we did just that. At our ‘intellectual supper’ each cabin group was given a world issue and asked how they would solve it. We were stunned by the creativity, honesty, and hilarity that we received in their answers and thought that we would share some of them with you.

Make A Difference at Long Bay CampWe asked our youngest girls cabin, the Butterflies (aged 8-11), to tell us how they would stop bullying. Their answer was very enlightening:

Well, first we would send everyone to Long Bay Camp so they would have a good childhood. If they had a good childhood people wouldn’t take it out on other people. During their visit to Long Bay Make A Difference at Long Bay CampCamp they could run an elective on standing up for themselves. At Long Bay, everyone makes friends and no one is left out. Awareness, acceptance, and teamwork are the core values that Long Bay will instil in future generations.”ad a good childhood people wouldn’t take it out on ot


When we asked the Meerkat cabin (boys aged 14- 15) to describe how they would make a difference by making sure that everyone in the world has clean water, this was their proposal:

Make A Difference at Long Bay CampSome cats like to eat gross things. We clone these cats then launch them into the ocean via catapult. These cats will then eat all the nasty stuff in the water and thus we will have super clean water and then everyone can drink it.”

 Not only did we give the campers a chance to chime in on these world issues, but the teachers got involved with a heavier question. How would they solve all the problems in the world? This is what they told us:

 Make A Difference at Long Bay Camp“ Everyone should have healthy meals, play lots of music, meditate and spend at least a week at Long Bay”

 We can’t say we were at all surprised by these answers! Over the course of just a week, we witness these amazing kids work together to ensure everyone has the best possible experience at camp. If only everyone thought like them! When all these world issues do get solved, we certainly won’t be surprised if it’s a Long Bay camper that’s behind the solution.


Make a difference

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