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Invest In Camp - Long Bay CampOur daughter had the time of her life last year at Long Bay Camp.  She has had a picture in her bedroom of her and her counsellor that hangs above her bed.  I know that she developed a real bond with her and that she really looked up to her as a role model.  I know other girls look up to celebrities like Taylor Swift, but not my daughter,…… she had Justine as her counsellor and she just loved her!  She now aspires to be a lifeguard so she can eventually work as a camp counsellor.  My daughter really enjoyed the drama at camp with Katie. She returned from camp last year, and she couldn’t stop singing!  ThInvest In Camp - Long Bay Campe staff at Long Bay were so competent.  As a family, we put our trust in this very unique camp and we thing to invest in camp is a very smart thing to do for your children.

We loved the performance our daughter was a part of.  She developed a new confidence about herself.  Her self esteem improved dramatically and her self image has soared as a direct result of going to camp.  This year, we have put Loonies and Twoonies aside in order that she will be able to attend camp for a longer Invest In Camp - Long Bay Campperiod.  We regard it as an investment.  We are investing in the kind of person she is becoming, a more positive, fun loving, free spirited individual who knows she is able to stretch her imagination and dreams as far as she wants. Thank You Long Bay Camp.  My daughter has benefited in so many ways.   Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne, camp parent

Invest in Camp

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