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The first day I arrived at Long Bay Camp I didn’t know anyone. I felt a little bit shy and nervous, but the minute I met my counsellors, Geo and Taylor, I felt like I’d made friends right away. What I like about my camp friendships is that you get to find out exactly what they like and you find out lots of stuff about them quickly.

Long Bay Camp Friendships We’re all here for the same reason – we love “THE ARTS”. I play the violin but I’m here to learn the ukulele. We all play different instruments so at night around the campfires we play music together.

We’re friends now and trust each other so that we decide on the spot what we want to play. In those moments when we’re playing and singing I feel like I belong.

Here at Long Bay I’ve learned to be friends with lots of different people, campers, counsellors and teachers. My new friends make me laugh a lot!

Roman, camper (11 years old)

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